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Error While Importing Demo

Importing Demos: Troubleshooting Guide

In the theme, you have the ability to access and import multiple demos for your website. The process of importing demos is straightforward and can be completed in just a few steps.

To learn more about the detailed process of importing demos, please click here.

However, there may be instances where you encounter issues during the demo import process. One common issue is when the loader keeps loading indefinitely after initiating the demo import. If you experience this problem, we recommend following the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

Deactivate all plugins except Spectra:

Prior to attempting the demo import again, deactivate all plugins on your site except for Spectra. Having multiple plugins installed can increase the likelihood of plugin conflicts. We have found that many users experience import issues due to conflicts with plugins such as Jetpack and Bluehost pre-installed plugins. Deactivating other plugins will help ensure a smooth demo import process. Once the import is completed, you can reactivate the necessary plugins.

“I’ve deactivated all plugins except Spectra, but the issue still persists!”

If the problem persists even after deactivating all plugins, further investigation is required. In order to assist you in resolving the issue, we kindly request the following login details via the Product Support form:

  • Link, name, or screenshot of the demo you want to import.
  • Temporary login credentials to your site’s dashboard with Administrator role.
  • FTP access to your WordPress setup.

Please click How to Submit a Great Support Ticket post for more details on providing the necessary information.

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