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How to import Templates & Blocks

1. Installing Template Kit

1. You need to install a Template Kit Importer plugin to be able to import templates that have been downloaded from Envato. Install and Activate the “Template Kit Import” plugin from Plugins > Add New in WordPress.
If you must use FTP to install plugins, you can download them from https://wordpress.org/plugins/template-kit-import/

2. Once the plugin is activated, go to Tools > Template Kit

3. Click on Upload Template Kit ZIP File to browse to your template kit zip file and import.

4. Your Template Kit preview will appear. Click View Installed Kit

5. An orange banner will be appear to install required additional plugins. Click Install Requirements button. 

6. A popup will be appear listing the plugins needs to be installed and activated. Click Install Requirements to proceed. 

7. Start importing your templates & Blocks by clicking the Import Template button.


  • Before importing a template, ensure the Install Requirements button is clicked to activate required plugins.
  • Import Global Kit Styles first, followed by any other Global templates for best results.
  • For best results, do not import more than one template at a time. Your browser can typically only handle up to 3-4 at a time.

2. Global Style

It is important to install the global style before inserting the template into your page. You can install global style in the Installing Template Kit step. Please follow the instruction below after step 7.

1. Import Global Kit Styles by clicking on “Import Template”

2. After importing the template, go to Elementor > Tools then Regenerate CSS & Sync Library

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